Saturday, April 18, 2009

Any (more) update?

I am just curious if this group is still activating? Or anyone who is still want to rotate may be just leave some replies here so that we can see how to continue this group.

Or Michael, does my book already sent to somebody else or otherwise only we 2 continue? I really have no idea how this group will be working :(


Michael Nightmare said...

I am still wanting to continue with this group as well Calvin! I have no idea where my book is and I have sent all the ones on that you have sent to me.

Please if you do not want to participate please say so it is ok. We need to get this group going again. If I dont hear from everyone I will start contacting via flickr.

Michael Nightmare said...

Looks like dear executioner has posted an entry from fatma's moly so Calvin you should be getting that one soon.