Thursday, June 11, 2009

Relax boy, relax day

I try to use my cartoon style plus few background colors for
my new drawing, the outcome seems not bad :p

This is the moleskine from Fatma and all of us illustrated
in different styles. It looks cool that various artist styles
can all be intergrated in same book.


Michael Nightmare said...

Great to see some new work from this group. I saw this on flickr and just loved it and I still do seeing it here. Great job Calvin.

At this point who has who's book?
Mine is MIA
We havn't seen Calvin's or Dear ex. since I have mailed them out.

Andrea have you sent yours out do you have any books?

Fatma Desertrose said...

woow that looks great. Thanks Calvin.

I still don't have any book. Im also wondering where the molys are.

Michael Nightmare said...

Fatma I just recieved yours from Calvin so it is here in the U.S.

At this point if you dont have any books and calvin and Dear ex. do not have anymore than they may be all with Tiffany. I have not heard from her so I can not say for sure where they are at.

At this point I am assuming my book is gone. I have not seen it surface since I did the very first mailing.

Tiffany said...

I still have the books for Michael, Calvin, and Dear Ex. I will send them off on Wednesday to move them along since I have had them for forever. Michael, should I send them back your way or should I send them on to Fatma?

Michael Nightmare said...

Tiffanny You can send them on to Fatma or if you want to save postage you can send them back my way and I can mail them on. What ever works for you if you want to mail them to me flickr message me and i'll give you my address

Michael Nightmare said...

Tiffany did you send out the books to Fatma?

Fatma did you get books from Tiffany???

Fatma Desertrose said...

I didnt receive any books yet.